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Yanagisawa Tenor Sax Neck


Aug. 10, 2013 - OOS (Out Of Stock)
I should be getting another one in the next week or so.
I do have the T992 Bronze neck in stock at this writing.

Straight from the Yanagisawa factory to you. Original equipment tenor neck.

You ask, what is a 981? I don't know. I just copied what was on the end of the plastic box which holds the Yani neck.
It says "ORNT9901", but then goes on to say "...991/981 TENOR NECK"
When I Google "Yanagisawa 981", I can only find the Yani 981 Sopranino. I could guess that the 981 was a short-lived model that preceded the 99x models and now only lives on as the sopranino.
But that is just me guessing.

Outside Diameter of the tenon is in the 27.50 - 27.52mm range (1.082 - 1.085 inches)
Length of tenor is around 21.75mm (0.857 inches)

Why do I give a range, like 27.50 - 27.52 mm? I use a high quality digital caliper, but the difference between measuring the O.D. snugly vs. putting pressure and cinching it down, can easily give variations of hundredths of a mm. I don't want to give a false sense of accuracy.

One client who purchased this model of Yani neck from me states:
"The neck was delivered today. It fits on my Selmer USA like it was made for it. I think it sounds a little better. It certainly makes the horn a little more free blowing. And it really looks cool!"

Yanagisawa Tenor Sax (991/981) Neck


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