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Yanigasawa Soprano

Serial Number - 00176xxx - 1992? OR 1991


This is a great-playing soprano.

I am thinking this is a model 902 soprano, looking like this ONE.
The 901 doesn't look to have the Hi F#, but I am not certain.
And the 991 looks to have a removable neck.
I'd love to hear from someone who is familiar with the Yani models.

UPDATE: This model is evidently a late model S900.
It has the plastic RH thumbhook and textured LH thumbrest.

The Japanese sopranos from Yamaha and Yanagisawa, and the Selmer France sopranos are generally acknowledged to be the best.

I recorked the neck...otherwise this horn is in very good playing condition.

At this price, the horn comes with the Selmer S80 C* mouthpiece and Winslow ligature, cap and replacement rubber grommet kit as shown

Yani Soprano Sax


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