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Yamaha YAS-21
Alto Sax

Serial Number 4536

This looks to be a very early Yamaha alto.
A well-built horn, its main shortcoming is the lack of adjustment screws in the linkage arm going from the F# key at the top of the lower stack to the G# and Bb bis.

It has plastic right-angle linkages on the side Bb and side C.
Adjustment screws on the stack keys.
The bell brace is reminiscent of that of the Vito horns, though repositioned to the side of the body.
It has a removable connecting sleeve at the body to bow joint.
The low D# and side F# keyguards are, to my eye, particularly attractive.
The shape of the Octave thumbtouch is dated, but I like it
It is accompanied by what I assume is the original AS-L1 mouthpiece and ligature. I've seen the tenor iterations of this mouthpiece, this is the first alto I've run across. I like 'em.

YAS-21 Alto Sax


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