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Winslow Ligatures

It appears that the Winslow ligatures evolved over time.
There are three or four differences that I've noted:

- Silver bands on the older ligs vs. the black bands of the more recent ligs. I am guessing this is a cosmetic issue. The black band arguably looks better against a black mouthpiece.

- Metal side studs which contact the sides of the mouthpiece on the old ligatures vs. plastic (nylon?) side studs. The metal studs can dig into the mouthpiece and mar it.

- Posts/studs are scored or cross-hatched on the older ligs where they touch the reed, whereas the modern ones are not

- White bumpers or cushions on the older ligs vs black ones on the more recent ligatures. The white ones deteriorated over time.

- This older Clarinet lig had a green plate.

I've only recently gotten a couple of these Winslow ligs into the shop.
Until I get some more, this is all subject to revision.

I have replacement bumpers/cushions and (I think) the clips that hold the posts and cusions in place.

I see there is a "Saxxas" ligature out there which replicates the Winslow and sells for something in the $100 - $150 range.

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