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Vito Kenosha Tenor

Serial Number 966A

This Tenor Sax has newer pads with flat metal resonator pads.
Excellent playing condition, ready to go.

I believe that most, if not all, of the brass piece-parts were made in France by Beaugnier, but I also believe those parts were assembled in Kenosha, Wisconsin.

SOLD - 2010

This horn may not win any beauty contests, but I think it is attractive

When this horn came to me it was missing the left-hand thumbrest and the neckstrap ring.
Here is the new left-hand thumbrest and the new neckstrap ring.

There are several pictures of the neck. Originally it was pulled down and split along the seam under the neck brace.
I removed the neck brace, rounded out the neck, silver soldered the seam and put the brace back on.
It was missing the neck octave key guide, but I took one off a Noblet tenor neck and put it on this Vito neck.

Come in a give this horn a try. It plays really well and the key action is real good.

The case has a lot of wear.

Vito Kenosha Tenor


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