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Vito Tenor Saxophone
Made in France
By Beaugnier

Serial number 22494


Despite the later serial number, this horn has the more traditional left-hand pinkie cluster with the triangular G# finger touch.

This of course is in contrast to smaller key cluster on the later Vitos which looks like THIS.
This means that the horn FOR SALE on this page features the switchable G# articulation which can be a plus and decrease the 'heavy lifting" asked of your left hand pinkie finger.

This horn has that wonderful, large clothing guard protecting the lower stack keyfeet, HERE and HERE

The neck is in great shape...with a little bitty DINK between the neck octave pip and the mouthpiece cork (hard to see in the photo).

It was missing its original left-hand thumb rest, so I provided a reproduction one in the traditional Vito oval shape, of my own manufacture.
I forgot to take a picture of that, so I just now took a PHOTO.

There is a dent in the bow. I took a couple photos of it, HERE and HERE, it doesn't show up real well in the photos and, stupidly, I lifted the dent up AFTER I took the photos, so it looks better, though it is plain that there has been dent work there..
And I guess I should apologize...the focus on some of the pictures isn't as good as it could be. I am still getting used to my new set up. It's all about controlling your light source.

What else? The bottom post of the low C# has been resoldered. You can see the lacquer loss in the upper right part of those same photos, like HERE.
The low C keyguard feet were dented into the body a bit, but lifted those back up. If you enlarge this PHOTO you might be able to see that the lacquer at the keyguard feet is somewhat worse for wear.

I replaced a half dozen or so pads, and some corks and felts. And I adjusted and regulated the horn. I adjusted the key height openings to optimize intonation. It is good to go. I will try to get a sound sample up.

Feb. 8, 2011 - Here is a sound sample of this tenor sax (click the "Play" button) recorded March 4, 2011:

French Vito Tenor Sax


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