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Vito Deluxe Alto Sax

S/N V-2891 (stock #1034)

The pictures are below


This horn is a real blast from the past, 

When Craftsmanship was King!  

Sold - Nov. 2005 to a fellow on the East Coast.

Let me preface this by saying that all I know about this sax comes from the privilege of owning it and working on it.  I haven't found any other information on it.  If anybody else has information about this horn, please let me know.

ENGRAVING - This Alto is engraved all the way down and back up again. The engraving starts under the bell rim and is extensively engraved all over the bell…almost in a rococo fashion. There is engraving on the bow and on the body by thumbhook and strap-ring. There is even engraving on the thumbhook, strap-ring, guards, bell brace and the octave key on the neck is engraved with the Vito “V”! The bell brace also has the “V” worked inside a circle. If you had to pay for the amount of handwork done on this horn, you wouldn't be able to afford it. There is a ‘silver’ Vito emblem on the front of the bell. It also says Made in USA and has the serial number of V-2391. The words “Kenosha Wis” are engraved under the Vito emblem on the front. I was told the instrument was built in the early ‘60’s. 

UNIQUE FEATURES - Before I go any further, be sure to check out the pivoting thumbhook, the triple-hole strap-ring and the pivoting octave thumb lever…these are all unique in my experience. There is mother of pearl on the key touches. The pearl on the left hand thumbrest and the decorative pearls on the guards are exceptionally nice looking. I looked at them and said "Moon Pearls" The pictures do not do them justice. 

PLAYS WELL - This is a nice, solid instrument. A C* mouthpiece works well for intonation.

LACQUER - This original lacquer horn has some lacquer wear on the neck and also Palm Keys and Side Keys.

DENTS -  Looks like the bell brace was pushed slightly into the bell.  

NEW PADS - This Alto is set up with new pads with Flat Resonators, new corks and green felts.  Key action has been adjusted and regulated.

CASE & NECK PLUG - The case is original and is quite usable, though some of the leather trim pieces on the ends is coming loose. LeBlanc nameplate is on the case. Also comes with original neck plug (see last picture below) 

As much as I would like to see this one stay in Wisconsin, I am going to sell it to the highest bidder once we get over the reserve price of  $xxx.xx

Try to imagine this vintage instrument in all its glory, up on the bandstand in full voice. 


VITO...in all its glory. Palm key touches line up nicely.


Picture two...right profile

Picture three...left profile. There'll be better pictures of the thumbhook, strap ring and octave key later on.

Picture 4...see the engraving on the bell key guard. Again the pearls look better in person, more lustrous...here they just look white..

Unique bell brace...Vito V worked in, also engraving.

You can see lacquer wear on neck...no dents though. Bad angle to see V engraved on key. The neck cinch screw has same base as lyre screw. Lyre is not included (missing).

Seventh picture...straightforward seesaw pivot octave mechanism.

Picture 8 - First picture of 3-hole strap ring and swivel thumbrest.

Pict. 9...Too cool for a single photo.

Pict. 10...inside the case.

On top of case.

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