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Vito Alto Sax

Serial Number 082831

Made by Yamaha of Japan

SOLD - August 2010

The lacquer coverage is pretty good, though there are a good number of scratches on this horn.
There are some a few small dents and dings.
The nickel-plating is worn through to the brass on the right-hand side Bb and the thumb octave lever.
The low D# key is often the site of corrosion due to moisture gathering there. I put a new pad on the low D# and the tonehole chimney looks good too. Also, the high right-hand palm keys are often the first to go. I think I replaced those pads too. HERE I hold them open for you to see.
The neck and neck cork are in very good shape.

The case is an inexpensive new one.
The horn comes with just the case.

You'll need at least the following to get started:
- Mouthpiece
- Ligature
- Reeds
- Neckstrap

It's also very nice to have:
- A 4-reed holder
- Some sort of clean/drying implement for the horn
- Sheet music stand

I have these items and can put something together for you if you wish.
You might want to ask your band director what he recommends.
The Yamaha 4C mouthpiece is a good inexpensive one.
The Rico orange box reeds are the least expensive ones I carry. You'll want to ask him what hardness of reed he wants. 2.5 hardness is pretty common for beginners.

Vito Alto Sax


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