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SML (Strasser Marigaux Lemaire) Rev. "D"
Tenor Saxophone

Serial Number 11658 (1950-1955)

SOLD - July 2011

Here is some General info on SML horns:
Peter Hales' SML info
Fred Cicetti's SML Serial number list.
SML "Most of the Story" by Fred Cicetti

This sax is in excellent playing condition with newer pads. The pads have domed metal resonators.
The horns has its original lacquer. You can see in some of the photos that the lacquer has a good amount of "crazing". This was pretty hard to show in the photos. With some lighting the crazing almost disappears. Keep an eye out for it when you look at the photos, it appears as a network of fine scratches, but they are not scratches. The lacquer is very stable.

The acoustic qualities...the tone color or timbre...of these SML horns is unique.
This has to do with the bore and conical taper of the horn.
By way of example, just look at these comparison pictures of two necks. HERE is one photo and HERE is the other. The vintage neck with the lacquer wear is from this SML, the other neck, with shiny lacquer, is from a Selmer Serie II which happened to be at hand.
It is easy to see the difference between the two. What you can't see is that the SML neck has a larger bore. No way could the SML neck fit in the Selmer body. The bell is also large. These are just a couple of indicators of what gives the SML its dark, rich tone.

Further, the SML hangs differently from a Selmer. It is not unheard of for an SML fan to move or add a second neckstrap ring to change the balance of the horn, as was done with this different SML. But small changes such as that are well worth the effort.

Among the features of this horn are the rolled tone holes, and
The switchable G# linkage to the bell keys, HERE and HERE
Stohrer has a nice YouTube video which details some of the features of the SML horns.

The sax comes with the neck bag and the Protec case as shown. The case is more dusty than it is dirty. You'd think I would vacuum it off before taking photos, don't you?

Of the SML's that have come through the shop, this is an excellent one.

SML Rev. D Tenor Sax


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