Selmer-Paris Saxophone Models
Super Action 80 Series
52W20 Alto Serie II  
52NG Alto Serie II Clear Lacquer, no engraving
52BW55 Alto Serie II Black Lacquer
52SW22 Alto Serie II Silver-Plated
54W43 Tenor Serie II  
54NG Tenor Serie II Clear Lacquer, no engraving
51W1 Soprano Serie II  
51BW9 Soprano Serie II Black Lacquer
51SW10 Soprano Serie II Silver-Plated
50S Sopranino Serie II  
50SOPW1 Sopranino Serie II Lacquer
55AF Baritone Serie II  
55AFNG Baritone Serie II Clear Lacquer, no engraving
55AFMW19 Baritone Serie II Matte Finish
55AFSW20 Baritone Serie II Silver-Plated
56 Bass Serie II  
56SW1 Bass Serie II Silver-Plated
Reference 54 - Inspired by the 1954 Mark VI
72 Alto    
72BLTD     Kookaburra Collector
72KBSTD     Kookaburra Engraving
72HBSTD     Standard Hummingbird Engraving
72HBLTD     Enhance Limited Hummingbird
74 Tenor    
74BLTD Tenor   Kookaburra Engraving
Reference 36 - Inspired by the 1936 Balanced Action
84 Tenor    
Series III - Deeper tone, move even intonation.
62 Alto Serie III  
62HA   Serie III  
64 Tenor Serie III  
53W3 Soprano Serie III  
Finishes available -

-Selmer saxophones were introduced as the "Modele 22", in 1922.
-Updated, though still with very small bores, the "Modele 26", in 1926.
-The famous "Cigar Cutter" models were made for only 4 years, 1930-1933.
-The "Radio Improved" and "Selmer Super Sax" (SSS) were similar to the Cigar Cutter, with the Cigar Cutter removed. These were made until 1935.
-The "Balanced Action" were the first Selmer saxophones with the offset keywork. Selmer introduced them in 1935 and made about 10,000 of them
-The "Super Balanced Action" followed and was built from 1948 until 1954. It is said that they play similar to the later Mk. VI's which were smaller and required less from the player, but still possessed the "Selmer Sound".
-The World Famous Selmer Mark VI alto and tenor saxes were made from 1954 until 1973, Mark VI sopranos and baritones continued until the "S.A. 80".
-The short lived Mark 7 altos and tenors, were made from 1974 until 1979.
-The "Super Action 80" saxes were introduced in 1980 and were upgraded to "Super Action 80, Series II" in 1986.  They are now, well into "Series III".
-Additionally, they now have a "Reference'35" and "Reference'54", which are the bore tapers of the 1935 Balanced Action and 1954 Mark VI, using the hole placement (improved intonation) and key work (more ergonomic) of the latest Series III units currently in production.