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Pad Life
Saxophone (leather) Pad Treatment


I have just a small number of bottles to sell to walk-in customers.
If you want to have it shipped to you, best to buy it from MAMCO directly.


I like this stuff.
Clear, odorless, non-oily. It is a thin (viscosity-wise) liquid, but doesn't smell...as most solvents tend to do.
One of the best treatments for sticking pads that I had run across prior to this has been lighter fluid (naptha).
But...I never felt good about putting it on leather pads of a horn that spends a good portion of the day attached to a person's mouth.
I confess I have no idea what is in this "Pad Life" stuff, but it cleans pads readily.

The way I treat pads is to cut strips of typing/copier paper. I apply some Pad Life to the strip.
It saturates the strip readily.
I then put the strip between the tonehole and pad, apply pressure to the key and while doing so, I pull the strip through.
It is not unusual for the strip to come out green or dirty...it depends on the pads.
I just keep pulling a new strip through until it comes out clean.

Doesn't discolor the pads.
Doesn't seem to build up.
Doesn't seem to leave a sticky residue.
I don't know what the long term effect is on the pad leather and felt. But I gotta figure it is probably kinder than lighter fluid.

Oh...and one other thing...it occurred to me that for all I knew, Pad Life was just distilled water.
In response to that, I saturated a strip of paper and lit it.
The paper burned readily. I got the impression that the Pad Life burned off first and then the paper started burning.
This finding is in keeping with the way Pad Life sort of disappears on the pad and doesn't seem to saturate it or to build up like an oil based product would tend to do. I am guessing it mostly evaporates.

I'll write Mamco and ask if they can tell me what Pad Life is made out of.
I'd understand if they are leery of doing so, but there should be some sort of MSDS info or something similar with the product.

Pad Life - Pad Treatment


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