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“Musica” (B&S stencil) straight soprano
Made in Germany.

Here are pictures of the horn .


This soprano is for sale by a trusted, long-term client of mine.

This one is mint condition, fully regulated recently, spent most of its life in a closet or at home.

I think if you are looking for a similar 1-piece sop for just under a grand, you might be able to find a used Yami 475, which won't have the brio of this one. Or maybe an older horn with awkward ergos.

This B&S is very powerful, I'd think ideal in an R&B situation or soloing over a big band.

- Intonation is spot-on

- This soprano was made in the early 1990's, with modern ergonomics. One source says it is pre-1993. Another source, someone acquainted with the Guardalas, says most probably made in 1992.

- Made in Germany, stamped as such on the horn (after German reunification no more East Germany or DDR, or GDR

- Selmer style, plastic RH thumbhook.

- Pads have domed resonators .

- This Musica's case is much better than the B&S. It's like an improved Yami brown case.

- A similar one (B&S made) on eBay right now.

If interested, drop me a line (DoctorSax@charter.net) with your contact info and I will put you in touch with the seller.

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