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"Lucerne" (SML)
Tenor Saxophone

Serial Number 21824 - 1970


This horn is freshly repadded with MusicMedic "Precision" pads.
And since the nicest sounding SML I ever heard had brown plastic resonators, I chose to go with those for this horn as well.
Toneholes and keypans leveled prior to repadding.
This horn has a well-balanced, complex tone.
The bottom end of this horn particularly benefits from its large-bore bell.

Beautiful original lacquer with a lovely engraving. Something like 99 and 44/100% lacquer intact.
There are some scratches here and there.
Neck is in great shape with no pulldown. Minor dentwork evident.
Low D# guard has had dentwork done.

Here is a list of things in random order:
- This horn has a switch behind the G# fingertouch to allow you to switch on or off the linkage between the G# and the bell keys.
- Some dentwork down below the Palm D key and below the Lefthand thumbrest.
- Fairly unique neckstrap ring, Righthand thumbhook, and Lefthand thumbrest.
- Unique neck receiver tightening arrangment.
- Bell keys mounted and pivot on the bell...not crossing over from body
- Adjustment screws from F# to Bb/G# linkage.
- Adjustment screws on the back bar of the stack keys. You can see one of them HERE.

From SaxPics.com I get:
"- The horn (Gold Medal) is NOT just a repackaged "Rev. D", although they do look similar. The bow and neck of the alto and tenor are NOT interchangeable with their Rev. D counterparts, leading one to assume that the bore is completely different. - At s/n 205xx, rolled tone holes were discontinued
- At approximately s/n 202xx, the Standard models disappeared leaving us with only the Gold Medal horns and some glorious stencils..."

While this is one of those 'glorious stencils', I have no idea if it is more like a Rev. D or a Gold Medal.
I do know it have a large bell flare and a large bell bore. What exceedingly scientific means do I have to state the bell bore is large, you ask?
Well...I can stuff my fist down the bell further than I can other horns...that's how I know.

The serial number places this horn during the "Gold Medal - Mark II" production period.

Comes with original nickel-plated neck plug and a modern case in great shape.

"Lucerne" (SML) Tenor Sax


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