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Kessler "Custom"
Tenor Saxophone

Model Number/ Serial Number - 0705-2307341

SOLD - July 2010

I'm not certain which model of Kessler sax this is.
You can go to the Kessler website and it essentially shows three different models: the "Performance", the "Intermediate" and the "Handmade".
I think this horn I have for sale is an "Intermediate - Standard" model.
Reading the descriptions, it says the "Performance" has "single post to body construction, plastic finger touches, no bell engraving, hard-shell case..."
The "Intermediate" however, has "fully ribbed body construction, real mother of pearl finger touches, bell engraving, deluxe case..."

This horn has the ribbed body construction and bell engraving, so I ASSUME it is an "Intermediate" horn.

This horn is like new...just a few hours of playing time. No scratches, no dents.

I believe these Kessler horns are made in Taiwan.
As with most horns made in Taiwan and China, it is all about quality control. Seems like the same factory can turn out both really nice horns and they can also turn out junk. They build horns to meet the retailer's price point. Kessler has made his name on horns like these by his tight quality control and high standards.

Here's a video of someone playing a Kessler Custom Sax.
It'll have to suffice until I can get a sound sample of the actual Kessler featured on this page.

Kessler Custom Tenor Sax


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