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Jupiter Bari Sax Neck

Tenon Measurements:
O.D. (outside Diameter) - 22.4mm (0.88")
I.D. - 19.1mm (0.75")
Tenon Length - 20.25mm (0.8")
Tenon Wall - 1.57mm (0.06")


I bought this bari sax neck to have in stock because I heard that it was a good replacement for the Mk VI bari sax neck.
I have yet to try it and get first-hand experience.

July 5, 2012 - A client was gracious enough to bring in his Mk VI bari. This Jupiter neck is the same length as the his Selmer neck, and it fit perfectly into the tenon of his bari...no adjustments needed.
Looking closer, the Jupiter tenon and neck are a single piece. This is in contrast to the Selmer where the tenon and the neck are seperate pieces soldered together.

Intonation and tone/timbre seemed to be unchanged going from one neck to the other.

Jupiter Bari Sax Neck


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