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Conn C-Melody Saxophone

Serial Number 91835 - 1922


This is a beautiful, lacquered brass, straight-neck Conn C-Melody Saxophone.

This horn likely started out as a silverplated horn, but the plating was stripped chemically and the bare brass was lacquered.
The lacquer is at 99%.

This is a Low Pitch (A=440) horn

This is a New Wonder Series I horn. Rolled toneholes, a functional forked Eb key, working micro-tuner straight (alto-style) neck and front F key.

The pads are not new, but the horn plays well and easily.

The is a very slight flat spot on the bottom of the bow.
And there has been some minor pull-down to the neck.
This horn came to me in a Bb Tenor case, but I can obtain a new rectangular C-Melody case for this horn, for an addittional fee.

1922 Conn C-Melody Sax


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