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Buescher Aristocrat Alto

Serial Number 723030 (1975-80)
After the Selmer Buyout.


Sort of a classic...
-Left hand bell keys
-The classic Buescher cloverleaf pattern lefthand pinkie plateau.

It eventually evolved into a Bundy, but the Bundy II, on the other hand, was a complete redesign.

I've replaced some pads and corks.

These don't often make it up on my website, so if you are trying to avoid renting or if you are steering clear of buying on eBay or Craigslist...here you go.

I am hoping someone local buys this.
I am making so little money on this that I gotta charge $22.50 for packing and handling if you need it shipped. Sorry.
That is above and beyond the shipping expense. Seriously, that scarcely covers the time and materials it takes to properly pack a horn and take it to the P.O.

Buescher Aristocrat Alto


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