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Curved Soprano

Serial Number 134922 - 1923

SOLD - May 2011

This lovely silver-plated Buescher curved soprano (serial number 134922) was made in 1923.

Just think for a moment...1923 -
The Roaring 20's were in full swing with no inkling of the Great Depression yet to come.
Prohibition was in effect and Al Capone was on his way up
Around 1922, Louis Armstrong moved to Chicago.
In 1920 women had just won the right to vote.

Okay, got it? This horn was made 87 years ago.

Initially, this horn seemed smaller than a Bb soprano, but when I played it, it turned out to be a Bb soprano.
And it is marked LOW PITCH

One of the things I especially like about it is that it has no keyguards. It is a beguiling simple design.
The tone of this horn is wonderfully powerful and rich.
I did not close off the forked Eb key, but left it operational.

I repadded this horn with Prestini brown kangaroo hide pads.
I came up short just one pad and so I consequently used a black kangaroo pad for the palm D#. The horn has its original snap-in resonators on all but the smallest keys - the palm D and D#, the C at the top of the upper stack and the two octave keys.
Those keys still have the nipple on them for the resonators to snap on, but the resonators were not present when I got the horn.
Those small keys have the pads installed with shellac as an adhesive.
The rest of the keys all have their original resonators in place, plus additionally the pads also were shellacked (sp?) in place to make sure they don't move or leak.

This horn is keyed from low Bb to high D#.

The neck on this soprano had some pull down which I remedied pretty darn well [think of some better phrase] ...such that you probably can't tell from the photos, but if you look close in person you can see that work was done.
There was also a crease in the body, just in from the side Bb tonehole, that I lifted, but which lift a residual mark.
Also a ripple from dentwork by the righthand thumbhook.

Here is a sound sample of this Buescher Curved Soprano that I have for sale (click the "Play" button):

And here is a video of someone playing a different 1923 Buescher curved soprano.

Buescher Curved Soprano


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