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Borg Alto Sax


This is a lovely, clean, made-in-Asia alto.
Photos at the bottom of this webpage.

I wonder what the process was in naming it a "Borg".

It wasn't playing well when I got it. I am guessing that is why it is so clean.
But, I went over it thoroughly and did a ton of adjustments and regulation...replacing corks (including a new neck cork) and pads as needed.

There was one lacquer blemish at the neck receiver which I polished up and spot-lacquered.
Pictures HERE and HERE
There is a smaller lacquer blemish on the neck, shown HERE which I did not notice until I was taking photos.

It comes with the really cool oval-shaped case shown.

And the following...this is solely for your amusement:

But that is a little harsh to end on.
The following is more pleasant:

Live long and prosper.

Borg Alto Sax


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