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Berg Larsen
Tenor Saxophone
"Scoop" Bill Mouthpiece

SOLD - July 9, 2010

This is a Berg Larsen "Scoop Bill" Mouthpiece.
Not sure how to assign a date to it.
I've read that some of the more modern Bergs are too narrow and that the reed overhangs the mouthpiece on the sides.
That is NOT the case with this mouthpiece. A Vandoren reed fits very nicely on this mouthpiece, the footprints matching almost exactly, tip and sides, with the exception that the heel of the reed overhangs the mpc table. The Scoop Bill has a pronounced upward scoop right behind the bite-plate.
This mouthpieces has arced (arched) machine marks going from side to side created by a milling machine.
It somes with its original ligature and box. The tips and rails are in excellent condition.
The bite plate is also in very good condition, with little wear.

Here is the Theo Wanne webpage for Berg Larsen
It appears this mouthpiece is a "Scoop Bill" with the drop-off baffle instead of a bullet chamber.

The facing is designated as:


The "90" indicates a 0.090" tip opening.
The "2" is the baffle/chamber designator. "0" is high baffle, small chamber, bright. "3" is low baffle, large chamber, dark. This mouthpiece with the "2" chamber would be relatively dark, but with some projection.
The "M" indicates a Medium facing.

I realized that I did not take any pictures of the mouthpiece's profile, showing the scoop bill, so I added the last two photo. You can see in the last photo I am wearing a red sweatshirt (go Badgers?) when I photographed it at my desk.

Berg Larsen "Scoop" Tenor


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