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Here is a table of serial numbers of Saxes made by Beaugnier
The first list is branded 'Noblet', the second list is branded 'Beaugnier'.
The third list is branded 'LeBlanc', the fourth list is all other stencils.
Some of the serial numbers are clickable links that take you to pictures of that horn.
Vito-branded horns have a seperate serial number list.
I update and expand this list as I have time.
If you have a sax that fits in this list, I'd love to get the serial number and pictures and add it in.

Model name "Face" indicates there is a face on bell brace and neck.

Check out this comparison of two Noblet alto saxes.

"RH Bellkeys" indicates Right-hand bellkeys (from players perspective).
The numbers sometimes following "RH Bellkeys" indicate which keys, numbering keys from neck to bell, with High F being #1 and low Bb being #22.
I've got a question mark after one serial number because it was so hard to read.
I've got 2 question marks after a year because I was dubious of the owner's assessment.
I just read that the LeBlanc Rationale was nade only from 1950 to 1953. The instruments sure seem 50's to me for some reason.

Interesting Reading
SOTW stuff

Saxes stenciled with the name "Revere"

Some Revere altos are made by Kohlert. Kohlert serial number references and the Kohlert-made "Revere's" can be correlated to date of manufacture.

Apparently Sorkin Music owned the Revere trade name and in 1957-58 had Kohlert stencil their Revere altos and Beaugnier stencil their tenors, as shown in the 1958 Sorkin catalog. The later Revere tenors have the characteristics of Kohlert Manufacture.
This means that the Beaugnier Revere tenor, serial number 6027, would be 1957-58 or earlier.
It is difficult/expensive to pick up other 1950s Sorkin catalogs. Such catalogs would help determine if Sorkin used Beaugnier for their Revere tenors in any other years and maybe indicate when it used Beaugnier to stencil Revere altos.
Sorkinís corporate decendent, Multivox Corp. of America, still holds the Revere tradename.

Table 1a: Noblet Branded Saxophones

Made by Beaugnier in France
Type Model Ser. No. Date Comments
Alto-4999-RH Bellkeys
Alto-6994-RH Bellkeys
Alto-7146-RH Bellkeys
Alto-7504-RH Bellkeys
AltoSerie Maville8317-silver-plated
TenorSerie Maville8318?-LH Bellkeys, RH C#, C
Tenor-8553-LH Bellkeys
AltoSerie Maville8743-LH bellkeys
AltoSerie Maville8747-LH Bellkeys
BariSerie Maville8797--
Alto"Face"8821- RH bellkeys
Alto"Face"8826-"D N" Noblet 'diamond'; RH bellkeys
AltoSerie Maville8953Purch'd 1957-
Alto"Face"8967-"D N" Noblet 'diamond'; RH bellkeys
AltoSerie Maville9087-LH Bellkeys
TenorSerie Maville9345-LH Bellkeys
Alto"Face"9371-RH Bellkeys(22,21,20,19)
AltoSerie Maville9429--
Alto"Face"9440-RH Bellkeys(22,21,20,19)
Alto-9928-LH Bellkeys
Alto-9996-RH Bellkeys
Tenor-10100-RH bellkeys
AltoStandard10641-LH bellkeys
Alto-13601-LH Bellkeys
Tenor-13669-LH Bellkeys
TenorStandard14753-LH Bellkeys
Tenor-14079-LH Bellkeys
Bari-15347-LH Bellkeys
Alto'Vito'15xxx-Marked Noblet and Vito
Alto-15553-RH bellkeys
Bari-15638-Low A; LH bellkeys
TenorStandard Professional16191--
TenorAlso Marked "Vito"16264-LH Bellkeys

Table 1b: Beaugnier Branded Saxes

Made by Beaugnier in France
Type Model Ser. No. Date Comments
AltoFabrications Artistique962-LH Bellkeys
BassFabrication Artistique3351--
AltoFabrication Artistique3503-LH Bellkeys
AltoPerfect 2864311Purchased new - 1950RH Bellkeys; microtuner neck
Alto-4810-RH Bellkeys
AltoSpecial Perfect4913-RH Bellkeys
TenorSpecial Perfect5xxx-RH Bellkeys
Alto-5256-RH Bellkeys
Alto-5256-RH Bellkeys
TenorSpecial Perfect54401950'sSilver-plated; RH Bellkeys
AltoKing5576-RH Bellkeys
AltoKing5903-RH Bellkeys
AltoRevere6395RH Bellkeys
AltoHakkert6444Mid 1960's-
Alto-6641RH Bellkeys
TenorGretsch6751mid 60'sRH Bellkeys
AltoSpecial Perfect8069Purch'd 1963; Mfg 1958-59?RH Bellkeys
AltoSpecial Perfect82181960-
Soprano-20958-Silver-plated, straight

Table 1c: LeBlanc Branded Saxophones

Made by Beaugnier in France
Type Model Ser. No. Date Comments
AltoRationnelXXXXX1935LH Bellkeys
AltoRationale223Purch'd 1952-53No Hi F#
AltoRationale411-Silver-Plated, Hi F#
TenorRationale542-LH Bellkeys
AltoRationale549-LH Bellkeys
TenorRationale612-LH Bellkeys
AltoRationale6711963LH Bellkeys
TenorRationale780-LH Bellkeys
AltoRationale891Purch'd new 1963-
AltoRationale909-LH Bellkeys
AltoRationale10151972?LH Bellkeys
AltoRationale1017Purch'd early 60'sLH Bellkeys
AltoRationale11xx-LH Bellkeys
AltoRationale1132Purch'd 1962LH Bellkeys
-Le Rationnel11351950-53-
AltoRationale1404-LH Bellkeys
Tenor-C171259-LH Bellkeys

Table 1d: Other Beaugnier Stencil Saxes

Made by Beaugnier in France
Type Model Ser. No. Date Comments
TenorBlenot - Serie Artiste-1940'sMicrotuner neck, silver-plated
AltoSTE MAJOR2127Late 1940'sRH Bellkeys
TenorKing3503Early '50'sRH Bellkeys
AltoBajus et Cie3508-LH Bellkeys
AltoVox3885A-RH Bellkeys
TenorGretsch48941964?RH Bellkeys
AltoGretsch55761950'sRH Bellkeys
AltoRevere6004-RH Bellkeys
AltoAntoine Courtois6101late 1950'sRH Bellkeys
AltoAntoine Courtois6511-RH bellkeys, Moth engrv.
AltoAntoine Courtois6859Orig. Sold 1953Moth Engraving
TenorPaul Girard9553-LH Bellkeys
TenorPaul Girard9554-LH Bellkeys
TenorAntoine Courtois10xxx-RH Bellkeys
TenorAntoine Courtois103xx-RH Bellkeys, Silver-plated
AltoAntoine Courtois10456-RH Bellkeys
TenorVox 'Duke'19529-RH Bellkeys
TenorVox 'Duke'19563-RH Bellkeys
TenorVox 'Duke'19564-RH Bellkeys
TenorVox 'Duke'19565-RH Bellkeys
TenorVox 1977x-RH Bellkeys
TenorVox 19779-RH Bellkeys
BariSML20709-Double Low C Key
SopranoEdwin Van Druten20958-Silver-plated
AltoJavelier23746-RH Bellkeys

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