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King Zephyr
Alto Saxophone

Serial Number 287839 - Made in 1947

Engraved on the bell with the following:


SOLD - May 2010

I replaced a couple pads in the top end of this horn.
It's a great player.
One of the earlier Zephyrs, with a double socket neck and triple neckstrap ring.
This horn has the rounded four-leaf clover configuration of the left-hand pinkie key cluster.
It had left behind all the squared -off keytouches of the Voll-True horns.

This horn is a vintage relacquer. The lacquer has aged to that distinctive vintage color.
It is a lovely instrument.

Key action is fast and tight.

The Bow is smooth and round.
The only dent I saw was under the lower foot of the bell keyguard.

Comes with the Protec bag shown, a bit dusty, but in good, usable shape.

The owner of this horn (it's a consignment) is selling in order to get a Yamaha YTS-23 Tenor or something similar/better.
So...trades for something like that may be considered.

King Zephyr Alto Sax


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