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"Elimona" Soprano Sax

Serial Number 00142759

SOLD - Feb. 2011

This saxophone is in excellent condition. Lacquer condition somewhere north of 97%.

This is a great chance to pick up a beautiful pro Yani soprano under $2,000.

I believe this is comparable (or the same?) as the Series 800/880 Yani sopranos.
Two removable necks...straight and curved.
Tilting left-hand pinkie table for your playing comfort.
Keyed to Hi F#.

At this price I will include the 3 mouthpieces shown...the original yani mouthpiece and
two Otto Link hard rubber Tone Edge mouthpieces, a 6 and a 6*.

I've had a couple of guys in testplaying it. One has played a lot of soprano and he liked it better than any Selmer soprano he has tried.
The other guy doesn't play much soprano, more of a bari player. He was surprised by how easy it was to play. "A real pleasure."

Yanagisawa "Elimona" Soprano Sax


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