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Yamaha YBS-52
Low A Baritone Sax

Serial Number 010019


This is an excellent-playing Low A Bari.

It is in great shape with minor lacquer wear and scratches and a few small dents in the bell.
The scratches are mainly on the bell, the side opposite the bell keys. The clothing guard has a good amount of scratches. The lacquer is marred in a couple of places where the Hamilton sax stand strap was strapped on the horn.

This horn has several innovative Yamaha features:
- The lower octave key is actually a double key with two octave vents.
- The lower thumb lever for closing the Low A has adjustments and is beefier than any other I have seen. It also snakes under the stack instead of over the stack.
- The low C has double arms to prevent flexing.

This sax comes with a very good condition Protec case. Also shown in the pictures is a Hercules sax stand. That is NOT included, but is reasonably priced at $35.

Yamaha YBS-52 Low A Bari Sax


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