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Tenor Saxophone

Serial Number 4097 - made in 1970

SOLD - July 2010

This is a near mint condition Yamaha YTS-61 being sold by the horn's second owner.
In 2005, he bought it directly from Peter Ponzol, who was the first owner.

For less than the price of a new Yamaha YTS-23 Student Tenor Sax, you can get this professional tenor.

The horn is in terrific gig-ready condition. These purple-label horns are prized by players who feel that they have never been equaled by the later Yamaha horns.
It was played for two years until the current owner upgraded to a King Super 20. He kept this YTS-61 as a collector's item and backup horn, but has not used it since 2007.
He is currently selling both horns (this YTS-61 and the Super 20) to afford a Selmer Mark VI.

This horn is unique in that it has all the original manufacturing materials, including:
-- The Japanese saxophone manual;
-- As well as a Yamaha quality assurance card with matching serial number and stamped approvals in Japanese;
-- Plus the original TS-S2 mouthpiece;
-- And even the original cork grease container from 1970 is included!

The horn plays great and has the feel of a Mark VI which is to be expected because Yamaha designed this horn to compete directly with the Selmer market.
Whether for a saxophone collector or an active player, this horn will not disappoint!

As pointed out by Ponzol's note below, there is evidence of dentwork on the horn.
There is an area below the left-hand thumbrest as Ponzol states...and there are a couple of areas on the LH side of the bell as well.
These were not showing up well in the first round of photos, so I took some more photos focusing on these areas.
These are the 5 photos in the fourth row down.
I don't want to make too big a thing out of this. The pictures are taken to emphasize and highlight the metalwork that was done.

Below is the original description of the Yamaha YTS-61 as told by Peter Ponzol himself (2005):
"Hi, this is Peter Ponzol and up for auction is my own personal Yamaha YTS 61 tenor. I consider the 61's to be the best horn Yamaha ever made. This is original lacquer that is about 95% perfect. It is an original Japanese model as you can see by the original guarantee certificate and owners manual which is in Japanese. Case is nearly perfect, only some pitting on the latches. The horn does show signs of some minor metal work below the left hand thumb rest which you can see in the photo. If it was a repair it is very well done and is nothing to be concerned about. Pads are in excellent condition and the horn needs absolutely nothing. Pick it up and play.
I have had several of these and
this is without doubt the best one.
Very powerful sound, excellent intonation and very easy altissimo. I am moving and have too many horns."

Here is a sound sample of the YTS-61 (click the "Play" button) recorded May 21, 2010:

Yamaha YTS-61 Tenor


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