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Yamaha YTS-34II "Allegro"
Tenor Saxophone

SOLD - August 2012

Excellent-playing horn...ready to go...adjusted and regulated. I've gone over the horn personally, replaced pads, corks and felts as needed; adjusted and regulated the horn.

This is a "Intermediate" horn that would be an excellent "step-up" for a student who has demonstrated their interest in playing and is showing aptitude. It can take them through high school and well into college.

This horn plays well and easily, great ergonomics, excellent intonation (plays in tune), and solidly well-built.
And since it is a Yamaha, it holds it value well.

There ares scratches on the left side (the player's left) of the horn which is normal play wear. Here is ONE PHOTO and here is ANOTHER PHOTO ...plus other incidental playwear, but the lacquer is generally in very good condition, the horn has virtually no dents and is in excellent cosmetic condition.

The horn comes with original Yamaha 4CM custom mouthpiece, ligature and cap.
It also comes with the original case which is in great shape.

Yamaha YTS-34II "Allegro" Tenor Sax


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