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Yamaha YSS-675
Soprano Sax

Serial Number 001439


This lovely horn is in excellent condition:
      - Cosmetically
      - Mechanically
      - Functionally

The YSS-675 soprano saxes feature a design incorporating many of the innovations found in the Custom series.
They offer a clear focused tone, and excellent playability as well as extremely accurate intonation and comfortable response.
Two different neck configurations come with this horn-straight and curving styles-to suit players preferences.

Upgraded right-hand thumbhook. Looks like a Steve Goodson thumbhook, but the original plastic thumbhook is included if for some reason you care to go with the original factory stock hook.

Custom neck plug.

My daughter and I were discussing the use of the word "functional" above.
We thought Feng-Shui-ality might be good.
Or even Funk-tionally.

Yamaha YSS-675 Soprano Sax


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