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Large Winslow Ligature
Fits large body hard rubber bari sax
or bass clarinet mouthpieces.

December 2015

Please note that the little rubber washers/grommets/whatever in the reed studs have started drying out deteriorating.
You can see this in the photos, like THIS ONE.
The studs are removable. You could, for instance, go from the 6 studs pictures to 4 studs.
This is a first generation ligature..you can tell because it's silver, not black like the later ones.
It also comes with the original metal cap, which is about the only thing that will fit.
This lig is probably late 80s, early 90s.

The first pictures show the lig with a Bass Clarinet mouthpiece.
The later photos show it with a Selmer S80 C* Hard Rubber Bari Sax mouthpiece.

And as long as you are looking at this, you might want to take a peek at this Brilhart Lig
I might even give you a discount if you tell me you saw these from my Doctor Sax facebook page.

Large Winslow Ligature


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