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Made in France by Beaugnier et Cie.

Serial Number - 19564


This is the "Duke" model, also called the "Model 38T" which Beaugnier additionally made for LeBlanc under the "Vito" name.
You can read about the Duke - 38T in this Brochure It is engraved with the word "Duke" and with "Made in France".

I've gone over this horn and replaced pads, corks and felts as needed.

Not shown in the photos are a brass neck plug.
The case is a light-weight, fabric-covered, rigid rectangular case, with the name "Grand", as shown.

Since this is a Beagnier stencil made for Vox Ampliphonics, it has the requisite pickup port in the neck, as shown in the photos.
Welcome to the 60's!

Here is a sound sample of this Tenor Sax (click the "Play" button):

VOX (Beaugnier) Tenor Sax


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