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Vito (Yamaha)
Tenor Sax

Serial Number - 507564


These Vito tenors were made for LeBlanc by Yamaha and are piece part interchangeable with the YTS-23.
It is marked "Japan" under the serial number.
Easy to play, ergonomic, good intonation, reggedly made, easy to service and they hold their value well.

This particular horn is in very good condition...looks like it wasn't used that much.
There are some superficial scratches on the left hand (the player's left hand as they hold the horn).
You can see them HERE and HERE.

It comes with a very good condition contoured "Gator" hardshell flight case. These cases typically cost more than $100.
These cases are a lot easier to carry than the rectangular coffin cases and offer great protection.
The case comes with a shoulder strap.

It additionally comes with a very good condition Yamaha 4C Tenor Sax mouthpiece, and a like new Rovner ligature and cap.
Also comes with a box of Vandoren traditional "Blue Box" 2.5 tenor reeds with four, sealed, unused reeds.

Vito (Yamaha) Tenor Sax


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