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"Vito" Baritone Sax
Made by Beaugnier in France

Serial number 22908

I had this horn up on my website showing its serial number to be 9895. But in Apr. 2013 I got an e-mail saying:
"I just wanted to let you know that the Bari pictured in the link is the horn I purchased on eBay about five years ago. The actual serial number is 22908. I have been doing a lacquer stripping, hand polishing and pads and corks and the necessary springs where needed. I have attached a photos. The work is not quite complete."

I tried to figure out how I got the serial number wrong.
The correspondent said:
"'ve been gigging with the horn for about 5 years and decided to do a pad job on it. It looked so bad, I decided to strip the lacquer and hand polish it. I removed the large dent on the lead pipe (the one covered with black tape on the eBay photo) by removing it and then re-soldering it back on. It's a great player and has a great sound.
P.S. I've attached another photo with the dent in the bell. If you compare it with the eBay photos, you can easily see it's the same horn.

It all makes sense to me. The additional/adjunct key for the low C didn't, I think, appear until late in the Vito production...probably not in the 9xxx serial number range, but much later.
Makes me wonder when the first low A Vito was made.

Vito France Bari Sax


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