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M13 - Profile 88 - Lyre
Clarinet Mouthpiece

Tip opening 1.02mm (0.0402 inches)
Medium-Long Facing

Check out the M13 and B40.

Additionally I already had a 2RV and 5JB in stock.


The Vandoren catalog says:
"More Open, the same qualities as the M13, easier to play in the upper register.
Its facing gives it a particularly pure sound."

I think the "Lyre" facing indicates a slightly larger tip opening than the non-Lyre.

Vandoren has developed the "13 series" mouthpieces specifically for American clarinettists using A440 pitch.
Four models have been originally developed with specific facings to this series: The M13, M13 Lyre, M15 and M30.

Vandoren M13 - Profile 88 - Lyre


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