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Vandoren Clarinet Mouthpieces

B40 Profile88 - $60
M13 Profile88 - $60
M13 Lyre Profile88 - $60
2RV - $49
5JB - $65
M15 Profile 88

I just got in three, like-new, Vandoren clarinet mouthpieces.
Additionally I already had a 2RV and 5JB in stock, plus a variety of non-Vandoren mouthpieces.
And did I mention, I just got in a Selmer Clarion Crystal Clarinet mouthpiece?
And now I have a James M. Pyne "Signature" mouthpiece.

With the "Profile 88" mouthpieces, the exterior angle of the beak is slimmer.

Vandoren Clarinet Moouthpieces


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