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Selmer Super Action 80
"Serie I"
Soprano Sax

Serial Number - N376xxxB - 1985

One-piece body and neck.

Double "C" Key at the top of the upper stack.
Here are pictures where I try to capture that double key in action as I press and release the octave lever:
In retrospect, I could have cropped the image down to better help the viewer focus on the key in question.

The Palm Keys are very dusty. I don't think those are cobwebs, but rather fibers from the case lining and/or the fuzzy swab.

Weblink on Series I horns.

It would appear fairly certain that Steve Lacy traded up from his soprano Mark VI to a Serie I when they came out, and that remained his main horn for about twenty years.
He picked up a Serie III about the time they came out in 1995 which "he hated" and went back to the Serie I.
Then in 1999 or 2000 he switched to the "improved" version of the Serie III.

Selmer SA-80 Serie I Soprano


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