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Selmer Mark VI
Alto Sax neck
1950's 5-digit


Mark VI alto neck--first generation--very rare.
Very Mint-y with lovely amber lacquer.
The lacquer is in top-notch shape. This neck shows extremely little usage...no scratches and nothing whatsoever resembling a dent.
I recorked the neck. Even under the old cork it was lacquered, the inference being that it may never have been recorked before.
The lacquer under the neck cork tends to disappear after it's been recorked a few times.
Further, the old cork was glued in place with shellac. Most repair techs use contact cement these days. Using shellac to put a neck cork on is pretty "old-school".

While generally referred to as the 'Double S' neck, it really appears to be an "S" with a "C" intertwined, for "Selmer et Cie." (Selmer and Co.)

This neck does not have a serial number on it.

I measure the O.D. of the tenon to be .97" or 24.6 mm
The O.D. of the tenon of the Mk VI that I have on the wall here at the shop is more like 24.5 mm.
That may be about normal tolerances for a 1950's factory, but be advised some adjustment may need to take place.
Since some adjustments might be required, I must sell this neck "As Is"...in factory fresh, museum quality condition.

The Selmer serial number list puts the beginning of the Mark VI run at 55201 in 1954, though some Mark VI's prior to 1954 have surfaced.

Below follows some web links to some stuff I found on the internet:

"We Buy Old" "Tim's Toy Room" eBay Auction for early Mark VI Tenor with Double S neck.
This auction states:
"THIS IS A Selmer Mark Vi ....Very early 5 Digit as well...Most Desireable of all...
This is a Very Rare Selmer Mark VI Tenor Sax...It comes with a Super Rare Double SS Neck
The Selmer Plant only made about 100-150 of these necks of which only the best of the best got them.....this is one of those saxes.....there may be less than 50 of these in the general public left floating around...many are in collectors hands...i am sure many were relaquered and ruined...how many uncertain of that but i am sure this one would rank in the top 25 in the world....>>> just my guess...no data to substantiate it but you think about it..there is very few in this shape of this one here....
This has all original Lacquer.....Yes Definately Original and confirmed AND THIS SAX IS MINTY!!!!!"
Serial number is M54xxx

This eBay Auction for a MkVI Tenor s/n 56187
Says it is the 986th ever made (55201 + 986 = 56817)
But above is mentioned one with serial number 54xxx which is earlier than when the MkVI production was supposed to have started.

Here is a horn at Tenor Madness

Here is a horn at USAHorn: s/n 564xx

And here is one at Saxpics s/n 55783

Early Selmer Mark VI "Double S" Alto Neck


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