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Selmer Mark VI
Alto Saxophone

Serial Number 57458 - 1954

SOLD - August 2011

This is an early 5-digit serial number alto which was made the first year of the Mark VI production.
The neck has the matching serial number.

This is a "short bow" Mark VI alto...only the first VI's had the short bow (alto only).
The left-hand pinkie key cluster looks a bit like a Super Balanced Action, especially the G#.
It's a VERY early Mark VI.

At this price I will include the original short-shank Soloist C* mouthpiece which came with the saxophone from the factory.

This horn has a very even register...across the board...and good tone.
A very good balance... not too spread, not too dark, not too bright.
This is a horn that can take you places.

Pads have plastic resonators, and are in very good condition.

It is an fantastic factory relacquer. The engraving is still very sharp...check out the photos.
This is being sold by the original owner...her dad bought it for her as a young girl.
Physically and mechanically it is in great shape. I didn't see any dents and no solder repairs.
It was not played much after it was relacquered.

Here is a sound sample of the of this Alto Sax (click the "Play" button) recorded June 21, 2010. It is recorded at a much higher volume level so standby to turn down the volume:

The sax comes with the original (?) case and wooden neck plug.

Selmer Mark VI Alto Sax


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