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Selmer LaVoix
Tenor Saxophone

Serial Number 19605


New from Conn-Selmer, Inc. the Selmer "La Voix" series saxophones. These new saxophones bring an excellent intermediate sax to the market with the backing of one of the most trusted names in the saxophone industry. The La Voix (French for "voice") feature:

     * Solid Red Brass Tube Construction - "Red Brass" is high copper content brass alloy This helps produce a bigger, richer tone then normal brass.
     * "Ultra Bell" Design - This is an extra large bell flare. The larger bell diameters give more metal vibrating, thus giving a bigger tone.
     * Double Arm Low C & B Keys - Gives added strength to these lower keys.
     * Reinforced Table Arch - Stabilizes the left hand pinky cluster's table to help prevent damage while in the case.

This Selmer La Voix saxophone will be an ideal instrument for those looking to upgrade from a student horn, but don't want to go to the price of a top end professional horn... and best of all, its a Selmer!

Unlike the competition, which wishfully markets their saxophones as professional alternatives to the standard fare, the La Voix is realistically offered as an intermediate-model saxophone for those who wish to upgrade from a student horn but don’t want to commit to the pricey professional models on the market.

This La Voix (TS220) is an excellent playing saxophone. It offers a solid, free-blowing sound that was a bit more spread than the professional-model Selmers. Players coming from a student-model saxophone (especially the A-300 Selmer or Bundy saxophones) will feel like they are moving from a compact car to a Cadillac. This LaVoix Tenor has a freedom of sound and precise pitch each saxophone offered. It is rich in the lower register and offers wonderful projection. While the key action was comfortable and a real step up from the beginner models, it is not quite like the Paris Selmers.

The horn has what is called an “Ultra Bell” design, which is a short way of saying a big bell flare. This, along with a higher copper content brass, improves the projection and offers a bigger tone. The La Voix also has double-arm braces on the low C and B keys as well. These keys are notorious for flexing and the double arm remedies that. And it has the reinforcing table arch near the left-hand keys. There is full-body bracing throughout with solid posts and guards.

This model of horn has been replaced by the LaVoix II, which I have not seen.

Kessler has been selling the LaVoix Tenors and has one left at a deeply discounted price of $1595.

And HERE is one for sale on eBay for $2229

The one I have here is in excellent shape, just a trivial few scratches and playwear, but it looks fantastic. The pads are in great playable shape.

Selmer LaVoix Tenor Sax


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