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Selmer Serie III
Soprano Sax

Serial Number N580xxx - 1999

A particularly lovely Serie III soprano with a couple of octave problems.
The octave thumb lever spring was broken off. The tiny remaining stub needed to be extracted and a new spring inserted.
And, no matter how the octave mechanism was adjusted, the thumb lever has too high above the thumbrest.
The latter problem turned out to be a result of the lower part of the octave mech assembly was misshapened (mishapened?)
A new part was ordered from Selmer Paris and a scant 3 and a half months later it arrived. The four photos across the bottom relate to this.
First photo...the part and the box it came in.
Second and third photos (at the bottom) show a comparison of the old and new parts. You can see the difference in the angle of the part.
Fourth photo - an attempt to show where the piece fits in the octave mechanism.

Selmer Serie III


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