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Vintage Selmer Soloist
Tenor Sax Mouthpiece

Factory marked as a C* facing,
This mouthpieces has been opened up to a little over 0.100"
By Ed Zentera.


This mouthpiece came to me with the original C* facing,
but I wanted the tip opened up and the facing, baffle and chamber enhanced.
Ed was sent this mouthpiece and also a superlative Ted Klum Soloist to use as a template or starting point.
After copying that facing, baffle and chamber to this Solist, it was further tweaked for optimal playing characteristics.

There is a subtle, but substantial rollover behind the tip.
The baffle floor eases gently down as it passes though the archway throat and merges smoothly with the bore.
The ramp, under the reed table, has been adjusted.
The rails have been balanced and the reed table flattened.

It is now a strong player, with a Big, Bold sound.
Sounds very similar to a Florida Link...this despite the fact it is a Selmer shortshank.

Ed has signed the piece with the Date (410 => April 2010) and the Tip Opening (0.102")
For what it is worth, I measure the piece at 0.104".

Selmer Soloist Shortshank Tenor C*


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