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Selmer Tone-X
Domed Metal Resonators

I believe these resonators to be original to this 1937 Selmer Balanced Action Tenor.
About five of them were missing, ostensibly when a repair tech replaced a pad, but did not re-use the original resonator.
I substituted appropriately sized seamless domed resonators for the missing Tone-X resonators.
I wrote down which keys these were, but I misplaced the paper with that information. I will eventually find it.

TONE-X Resonators

Side Bb and C keys with black roo pads and resonators

Low D key, pad and resonator, not installed

I polished the resonators to make them shiny

F Key and reso components

Resonator, screw and washer assembled

Hole must be enlarged for reso to fit

screwing the resonator onto the pad

Lower stack ready to go

Compare size of low C# reso to tonehole


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