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Runyon "Smooth Bore"
Baritone Saxophone Mouthpiece

Facing #14 - I measure it as a 0.126" tip opening


May2014 - I sold the mouthpiece pictured below.

BUT, when I sold that one, I ordered and received another Smooth Bore 14 from Runyon.
When I received it, I saw that it did not have the inset bite patch like they always had. I contacted them and they informed me that they were having lots of problems with the bite patches when they sent them out for chrome-plating. As a consequence they were no longer doing the inset bite patch. So, the #14 I have does not have the integral bite patch. I do have a removable, clear Runyon bite patch applied to the beak.

This Smooth Bore #14 is priced at $229.
Further, the new one does not have a "spoiler".

And further still, I measure the tip opening of this new one at 0.120" instead of the 0.126" I measured the prior one at.

To the best of my knowledge, as of this writing (May 2014) Runyon is no longer making metal mouthpieces.
I have sold most of my stock to bari players in Italy...perhaps due to similarity of this to the Italian RIA bari mouthpieces????

As of this writing (May, 2014) I also have a Runyon Smooth Bore Bari #12 for sale. It is an older one with the inset bite patch. I measured the #12 tip opening at 0.119"

Were you looking for a Berg Larsen metal Bari Sax mouthpiece, but can't come up with the cash?

Well, not only does this Runyon "Smooth Bore" LOOK similar to a Berg Larsen metal mouthpiece,
more importantly, it PLAYS like a Berg Larsen mouthpiece, except at a much more reasonable cost.

These Smooth Bore mouthpieces are plated with chromium (chrome-plated) brass.
I read the claim that chromium is the second hardest of all metallic elements, but I was not able to find a corroborating reference for this on the internet.
In any event, it is hard and corrosion resistant. Thus, chromium plating makes the mouthpieces smooth and durable, as well as less susceptible to scratching and disfigurement.
These Runyon mouthpieces are quite dense. By way of example, while a Berg Larsen Stainless Steel bari mouthpiece measures 4.6 oz. on my postal scale, the Runyon weighs in at 5.8 oz. Depending on how you figure it, the Runyon is 25% more massive.
These Runyon Smooth Bore mouthpieces can help you generate considerable sonic force.

If you go to the Runyon Website, you will see that these are usually only available up to a #10 (0.105") facing.
This one is Special Ordered and faced as a #14 which the Runyon Bari Facing Table lists as 0.124".
However, when I measure it, I get 0.126".
In any event, the larger tip opening really gives the player a chance to unwind and let loose.
And further, this one comes a Runyon Spoiler which can really turbo charge it which is a real asset if you are trying to break out of the thundering herd.
Listen to the two sound samples below, the first without and the second with the Spoiler.

Here are a sound samples of this particular mouthpiece (click the "Play" button) recorded Jan 22, 2011:

Without Spoiler:

With Spoiler:

A player who recently bought a bari sax Smooth Bore stated:
"The mouthpiece plays great, I love the tone, it's freeblowing, has a wonderful fruity and strong core to the tone... "
But he also went on to note that the mouthpiece was a little narrower than the reeds he had tried.

Another comment:
"The mouthpiece plays superbly, I love the tone, it's real easy to play, the core tone is so solid sounding, but the tone has a really nice amount of colour as well, I love it.
It actually makes my metal Lawton seem a bit thin by comparison (which I'm now probably going to sell)."

The Runyon ligatures are nothing to write home about.
You'll want to plan on buying a replacement ligature.
A Rovner 1E fits and I have been told that an L13 Rovner Light also works.
I have one #1E Rovner in stock.

Runyon "Smooth Bore" Bari Sax Mpc.


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