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Runyon "Smooth Bore"
Baritone Saxophone Mouthpiece

Facing #13 - approx. 0.117" - 0.120" tip opening

SOLD July 10, 2010.
But don't worry, I have another one on order.

Were you looking for a Berg Larsen metal Bari Sax mouthpiece, but can't come up with the cash?

Little wonder, because here on Woodwind and Brasswind they are $220, and,
here at Sax Plus they are $200.

Well, not only does this Runyon "Smooth Bore" LOOK like a Berg Larsen metal mouthpiece,
more importantly, it PLAYS like a Berg Larsen mouthpiece.

Except at a little more than half the cost.

If you go to the Runyon Website, you will see that these are usually only available up to a #10 (0.105") facing.
This one is Special Ordered and faced as a #13 (0.120").
However, when I measure it, I get 0.117".
In any event, that additional tip opening really gives the player a chance to unwind and let loose. I think you'll like it.
And don't worry about the tip opening being too large...
...the high baffle makes it so it plays like it was smaller.

Runyon "Smooth Bore" Bari Sax Mpc.


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