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Runyon Bionix
Alto Sax Mouthpiece

Facing #12
I measure this at 0.101"



This is one of the brightest, loudest mouthpieces you'll ever play. Great projection.
Are you playing outside or in a noisy bar or with amplified instruments and you are having trouble being heard?
Are you playing bright Mariachi music or something similar?
Do you really want to be a trumpet player, but they forced you to play the stupid alto sax?

Dude...you oughta try this mouthpiece.

I wish I had a Dukoff to compare this with, but Dukoffs go for what...?
Who can afford that?

For $95 less than a Dukoff you can get this monster!

It doesn't really have what I call a 'step baffle' like a Dukoff.
But the entire chamber floor is raised up. This a small chamber mouthpiece.
Take a look at the cutaway diagram of the Bionix.

Nice thick side rails to make it easy-playing.

I was afraid I would have trouble with a 0.100" tip opening on an alto mouthpiece, but I put a soft reed on this and just took off.
No squeaking, no problem.

If you look at the Runyon Facing Chart, you'll see that this one is 'off the chart'...a special order Runyon.
It is not a refaced mouthpiece...this is a factory facing.

I've got just this one.
I'm thinking about raising the price...maybe $15 or $20 more.

Runyon Bionix Alto Sax Mpce.


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