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Rovner 4R "Bass Sax" Ligature

It is hard to find a good fitting ligature for these large "dill pickle" Bari and Bass Sax mouthpieces.
Shown below is a big, fat Woodwind company sax hard rubber mouthpiece. Not sure if it is for bari sax or bass sax...but it may not matter, both may use the same mouthpiece blank???

Update: Longtime client comments:
Looseness at the front really has an effect IMHO.
One solution which seems to work pretty well for me is to take a strip of tech cork (regular cork compresses too much and generally doesn’t work as well in this application) and affix it in place on the inside of the Rovner. A hair wider than the reed to be clamped and generally about 3/8 inches in width.
Trial it for thickness and width by tightening the lig down on a reed before gluing it in place.
Pretty good results. I think a Rovner pretty much always works better if the tightness at the front is equal to or slightly greater than at the back.

Rovner 4R "Bass Sax" Ligatures

If you align the ligature with the lines on the mouthpiece, the ligature is tight at the back and loose at the tip end.

If you cant or tilt the ligature, it is much tighter at the tip end:

The two bars of the lig are not parallel (not sure if they are supposed to be), and
It is still easy (too easy to my mind) for the reed to pivot left or right.


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