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Ponzol "Silver Line"
Alto and Tenor Sax Mouthpieces.

The Ponzol Silver Line Meyer 5 Style - 0.070" tip opening; 18mm facing length.
The Ponzol Silver Line link 5* Style - 0.088" tip opening; 19mm facing length.

$74 each

Ponzol chose to make these out of Delrin. The tenor has a moderate rollover baffle behind the tip.
Very nicely finished.

Here is what Ponzol's website has to say:

In keeping with my goal of making mouthpieces that not only play well, but that are made from safe, food grade materials, I am pleased to introduce this new line of inexpensive Ponzol mouthpieces.
These are the replacements for the hard rubber Vintage line. Made from a high quality synthetic material containing no sulfur. At the moment there are the following models available:

ALTO C* (Square chamber model)
ALTO 5 (Meyer style)
TENOR 5* (Link Style)

These mouthpieces come with a standard ligature and cap. By keeping the amount of openings to a minimum, I am able to offer these at the amazing list price of $95.00.


For 20 years I have offered a line of mouthpieces called the Custom. In the past they were made of Ebonite (hard rubber). Ebonite (hard rubber) was developed to make bowling balls and has as much as 30% sulfur, which out gasses. This is why the color fades and they begin to have a sulfur odor. I discontinued the Custom mouthpieces three years ago because of the material. I tested many materials and finally found Delrin, a high tech synthetic material that is FDA approved for food use, so you can imagine how safe it is to play. Delrin has many other qualities which makes it a much better material for mouthpieces than hard rubber. Delrin actually costs the same as stainless steel. The older Custom mouthpieces were patterned after my brass M2 mouthpieces. The new Custom mouthpieces in Delrin use the same computer program as my stainless steel models. The perfect mouthpiece for players who don't like to play metal but want a modern mouthpiece with a similar response and sound. Available in one tip opening for soprano, alto, tenor and baritone.

I am sticking the Silver Line Ponzol Tenor on the same shelf as the HR Link Tenor mouthpieces.
And the Silver Line Ponzol Alto goes on the same shelf as the Meyer Alto mouthpieces.

Ponzol "Silver Line" Alto and Tenor Mpces.


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