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Peter Ponzol
"Vintage" Aluminum with Gold-Anodized finish
Tenor Sax Mouthpiece

Marked "105", I measure it at 0.108"


One of the new breed of high-quality, high-precision CNC-machined mouthpieces...like Wanne and Lakey and others.
Here is a VIDEO of Wanne talking about the 5-axis CNC machine.
These machines turn out mouthpieces which are very consistent from one to the next.
It all comes down to the actual design of the mouthpiece. On this mouthpiece, you can see how the low baffle has been shaped and whittled-down as in this PHOTO or this PHOTO or this PHOTO.

In regards to the aluminum material, Ponzol says:
"I would like to say a few words about the difference between the stainless steel mouthpieces and the aluminum models. While the aluminum M2 110 and Vintage 105 are identical to the stainless models, the aluminum has a bit less resistance and has a lighter, sweeter sound."

And in general about these mouthpieces, Ponzol goes further to say:
"The best mouthpieces I have ever made or played".

DISCLAIMER: I sold the mouthpiece shown below. I have a new one, same model, same tip opening etc.
I don't see the point of taking another set of photos. These high-end CNC manufactured mouthpieces from Ponzol and Lakey and Wanne are very, very consistent.
Hand-faced mouthpieces vary from piece to piece...good, bad and indifferent. But these pieces play the same from one to the next.

Ponzol "Vintage" Tenor Sax Gold-Anodized Aluminum 105


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