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Peter Ponzol
Stainless Steel
Alto Sax Mouthpiece

"85" - I measure this mouthpiece at 0.090 inches.
I measure the facing length to be 36 on the gauge, which equates to 18 mm.


An excellent example of the new breed of high precision CNC machined mouthpieces, like the stuff from Wanne and Lakey.
It really comes down to design at this point...implementation has become very high quality.

On testplaying, this mouthpiece proved to be easy to play and has great projection.

I am most likely measuring this differently from Ponzol, perhaps closer to the tip?
When I measure Babbitt products, my readings are "right on" and agree with the Babbit charts.
It doesn't matter much...just so long as the readings are consistent. Ponzol evidently thinks this is the optimal tip opening.
Bear in mind that a large tip opening mouthpiece with a high baffle and the proper facing can play as easily as a smaller tip opening.

Ponzol Stainless Steel Alto Sax "85"


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