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Pick-up Port and Plug


These work with the Pickup and Cord seen elsewhere on this website.

Made from brass stock for me by a local machinist.
Comes with an rubber o-ring in the port.

Can be installed in sax neck or a mouthpiece or clarinet barrel.
More traditionally, you will see the Selmer Varitone pickups and others installed by drilling a hole in your sax neck.
Well...most people hesitate before they drill a hole in their neck. You can just find a playable, inexpensive mouthpiece and drill a hole there and install the port.

The Plug is used when you don't have the pickup in place.

I have moved this over to my new website where you can buy them.

Bottom photo is of Kalimba (thumb piano) I made and into which I installed a pickup port. (Nov. 2011)

Pickup Port and Plug


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