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P. Mauriat Alto Sax

$2629 - MAP*

*MAP = Minimum Advertised Price. Call for pricing.

This horn comes in the lovely "Cognac lacquer" as shown in the photos.

Rolled toneholes.

It has been given a pro setup here in the shop, but frankly it didn't need much work, the quality control and fit and finish is excellent.
Tonally, this alto is on the darker end of the spectrum.
If I cribbed the above phrase from the P. Mauriat website, I did so inadvertantly. Nonetheless, it is a darker-playing alto.
Rolled toneholes add stability to the pad seal for reliability.

It comes with a "Pro-Tec" style contoured, rigid, fabric covered case....very nice, but which I neglected to photograph.

P. Mauriat Alto


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