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"Meadow Lark"
Handcrafted Music Stand


May 26, 2011 -I have two of the Meadowlark model here in my shop, one made from cherry and one made from hickory.
The stands are pictured below. I took photos both under incandescent light inside and in the sunlight outside so you'll get a better sense of the difference in the woods.

When I first saw these stands I knew I had to get them in for sale.
These are locally handcrafted music stands, made right here in Wisconsin from locally sourced wood.
They have a lacquer finish, not polyurethane. That makes it a lot easier if they ever need a touchup.

This music stand has a ratchet height adjustment and tilting head.
This "Meadowlark" model adjusts from 34" to 44" inches in height which makes it best used while seated.
There's just something about hand-crafted natural wood that lends itself to a refined and convivial musical ambiance...don't you agree?

Additionally I do have the black metal Manhasset music stand...as sturdy as the day is long...for sale at $53
You can additionally buy a pair of "wings" for the Manhasset stand which'll make the desk much wider

And I have in the Hercules BS311B folding stand at $62.

And of course I also have inexpensive folding music stands at $12.

Cherry Meadowlark Music Stand




Hickory Meadowlark Music Stand




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